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Accounting Services, BB Consulting Accounting House BulgariaAccounting house BB Consulting, accounting services Bulgaria is a reliable partner and solution for the safety of your business.

Many companies in Bulgaria are facing the difficulty to find a good accountant, so they can receive quality accounting services. Indeed, in conditions of frequently changing laws and regulations, and heavy public administration, it is not an easy task. And the consequences of a wrong choice sometimes can be very harmful for your company. It can lead to a waste of valuable time, money and nerves.

The accounting house you choose should guarantee security for your business, help you with important and accurate information in making management decisions, keep the legal deadlines, and promptly inform you about changes in the legislation of Bulgaria.

We, as accounting house that is accurate and confidential to its partners aim to fully support your business, so that you can focus on growing and developing it.


Accounting Services Bulgaria – BB Consulting

We offer a full range of:

  • Accounting services
  • Payroll services, including social and health securities
  • Audit services
  • Legal services
  • Company registration in Bulgaria

BB Consulting provides accounting, financial and tax consultations for companies specialized in different areas of business (services, retail, production), preparation of tax declarations, company registrations, VAT registrations, annual closings. In addition we work with a team of lawyers who have extensive experience in labor legislation, administrative and civil laws. We have the necessary knowledge and resources to be part of the success of your business – BB Consulting, accounting services Bulgaria.

With us you will receive:

  • High-quality accounting services
  • Low prices
  • Legal and Tax compliance


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BB Consulting offers active support for granting personal and/or mortgage credits to individuals and companies. Usually it’s difficult for a person to make a choice from various credits offered by several credit institutions. We will help you to find and choose the best and most profitable for you offer for credit according to your personal needs. Together with you we will find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for you or your company.

Accounting House BB Consulting, Accounting Services Bulgaria

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