Bookkeeping, Accounting Services

Accounting services in Bulgaria – Quality Bookkeeping, Low Prices.

Accounting house BB Consulting provides quality bookkeeping and accounting services in Bulgaria, Sofia.

The services we offer are as follow:

  • Preparation of the company’s accounting policy and observation for its implementation;
  • Development of individual chart of accounts for your company;
  • Registration for VAT;
  • Preparation and submitting of monthly VAT declarations under the law of value added tax;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly VIES declaration;
  • Accounting of inventory – stock on hand;
  • Preparation of accounting registers for the primary accounting documents;
  • Accounting of inventory – stock on hand;
  • For manufacturing companies – preparation of calculations and formation of prime costs;
  • Accounting of tangible and intangible assets, preparation of accounting and tax depreciation plan;
  • Receivables from customers and payable to suppliers – current analysis and subsequent control;
  • Preparation of budget for revenues and expenses;
  • Monthly reports and analysis for the company’s management;
  • Preparation of interim reports and analyzes;
  • Accounting annual closing;
  • Preparation of annual financial statements for the NRA and NSI;
  • Preparation of annual declarations under the CITA and PITA;
  • Successful passing of inspections and audits by the NRA and other public institutions;
  • Submission of information to the management of your company about changes in tax and social security or labor laws;
  • Taking documents from the office of the company;
  • Online banking;
  • Preparation of documents for participation in tenders;
  • Research and analysis of the conditions of the banks to grant credit;

Due to the specific and different needs of the companies we have listed here the basic accounting services we offer. Beside full accounting services on a monthly subscription base, we also offer accounting, tax and legal consultations for you and your business. If however you need something more specific, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us!

Bookkeeping, Accounting Services BB Consulting