Legal Services

BB Consulting Provides Set of Legal Services.

Legal services for current and future clients:

  • Preliminary consultation for the type of the registering company – Ltd., SC, ST;
  • Preparation of documents for registration of a company;
  • Submitting documents for registration of a company in the Commercial Register;
  • Registration of Ltd., SC, ST in the Commercial Register;
  • Preparation of documents for changes in the account of the trader – change of location/address, change in the capital/equity share, transformation, deletion;
  • Submitting of annual financial statements in the Commercial Register;
  • Consultations in the area of the administrative law – preparing objections, appealing against administrative acts, etc.;
  • Consultations in the area of the civil law – preparing contracts, notary services, etc.;
  • Subscription for legal services, according to the company’s activity;
  • Consultations for labour law issues;
  • Others;

Legal Services BB Consulting