Payroll Services

Payroll Services from BB Consulting.

With the provided payroll services, you will keep your personnel documentation always up to date:

  • Preparation of labour contracts and additional agreements;
  • Preparation of contracts for management and control and civil contracts;
  • Keeping of labour files of employees, employment labour booklets;
  • Preparation of payroll ledgers;
  • Preparation of fee-paid bills for civil contracts;
  • Processing of doctor’s notes for sick-leave and submitting them to NSSI;
  • Preparation of declarations and notifications for the NRA and NSSI;
  • Submitting of the prepared declarations and notifications to the NRA and NSSI;
  • Preparation of official labour notes and certificates;
  • Preparation of documents for retirement – UP2, UP3;
  • Successfully passing of inspections and audits by the NRA and NSSI.

Payroll Services BB Consulting