Financial Services and Crediting

Financial Services, Crediting, Consultancy Services for Receiving Fast, Personal and Mortgage Credits

BB Consulting offers you the opportunity to use professional consulting services for crediting – fast, personal and mortgage loans provided by banks and non-financial institutions with which we have contract agreements for cooperation.

Using our services, you can choose the most appropriate and advantageous offer for you, according to your profile to apply and negotiate at the same time with several crediting institutions, to receive professional assistance in completing and submitting documents and save valuable time and money. We will direct you to the most suitable offer with the most favorable terms for you.

Services for companies and individuals by banks:

  • Assistance in determining the type and the amount of your credit requests;
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents to apply for credit;
  • Preparing financial statements for your company, by the standards of the lending bank;
  • We will save you fees that are previously agreed between us and the lending bank

Services for individuals from fast crediting companies and non-financial institutions:

We offer an assistance for lending credits to individuals who:

  • don’t have access to bank crediting;
  • have bad credit history in the Central Credit Register (CCR);
  • don’t have proof for their income.

With purpose:

  • consolidation of several credits into one;
  • emergency working capital;
  • start-up, development and expansion of business;
  • repairing of home or office.

Due to the various possible options and solutions, if you have a specific case or inquiry, contact us at e-mail:

We will contact you soon in order to discuss your case and to offer you an adequate solution.